Is it to late to get into the Bitcoin game ?

A lot of people wonder now if it is to late to buy now bitcoins. No, it is actual still going up. As you can see that I have proven that. And even I made a small profit with it. But if I would have kept my small amount of bitcoin I would now have 70 euro more then when I started 1 week before. And that only with a investment of 250 euro.


But is it worth to do this ? Let me try to answer how I look at this. And what I have learned from owning a small amount of bitcoin.

  1. Only invest on this if you have the money for it !
    So, do not put all your money in it, and hope that you get rich because it can go wrong, and what will you do then ?
  2. Did see that if I would like to make money with it I should invest at least a big enough amount to make a good profit. Otherwise it is simple not worth the effort !
  3. Buying and selling bring cost with it. Be sure that you calculate it in it when you start doing this !

All together I liked to buy bitcoins and sell them at the good time and will continue to do this and keep you informed on this website ! Now I wait on the correct moment to start again ! See later my article about this ! Soon more !

Greed got the hold on me :-(

Yesterday the bitcoin was going to 10034 euro and some cents and I decided thatΒ  I wanted to sell enough of my bitcoin to get first of all my investment out of it ! So I got 250 euro and 42 cents worth of bitcoin back and left with 0.00089980 bitcoin in my account. About 9 euro worth at that moment.

All good πŸ™‚ except that now as I write this the bitcoin is at a all time high with is 10363.22 euro, and my little investment was worth official now :

273.56 euro and NOT the 25043 euro I got. I wish I had waited one more day.


But again. I have my investment out of it already and still have 9 euro 29 left now. (Profit 29 cents πŸ™‚

I was planning not only to invest again in bitcoin as soon as I see a opportunity, but also try litecoin and Ethereum. Simple because you can actual see that it is growing aside to each other !


I will keep you informed and show what I can do with bitcoin. Let me know if you have questions, and I will answer them …

Bitcoin drop and grow !

In the last 2 days we could see a enormous drop of our bitcoin. For me as a small time investment of only 250 euro I did see that is was only worth 210 euro.

At this moment of writing it is now back to 243.42 euro. So that is good ! But still a little lost if you calculate the cost I had when I bought the bitcoin part.

But I still have trust in it that now the CFTC has approved the trades of bitcoins. With that you can now speculate on the bitcoin increases and decreases in trading at future bitcoin prices. And it seems that it what the value of bitcoin needed to gain more value.

But I can think of people who have millions in bitcoins, and that they where a little more upset then I was πŸ™‚

How much effect if website Coinbase has a error? Bitcoin 500 euro drop!

Got this screen today a lot :

And when I looked at the bitcoin rate I did see a drop of 500 euro in the last hour ? First 410 then 609 euro in total.


Has this to do with it ? You can actual see how vulnerable this payment system is. Within hours there are so many different values that it is hard to predict if this will go much higher or that it will be the bubble as a lot of people predict ?


I keep a eye open for my investment. But still not sure if this was a good idea ?


And has this to do with why coinbase is actual having errors ? See below ? Giving error : “Coinbase is currently experiencing a high volume of traffic. Please try again later.” Is this happening on other website that exchange bitcoins as well ? Has it anything to do with the big drop ?

Seems that they have more problems ? So no update from coinbase. Will see then on Google : (Type in Google search “1 bitcoin euro” (Without the “”) and you will get the result :


Bitcoin. Will it pass the 10000 EURO mark ?

At this moment the 10000 dollar is already there ! But will it soon pass the 10000 euro ? At this moment of writing it is now 9500 euro and 45 euro cent !

There was already aΒ  good grow around 3 pm to 9700 euro, and then it dropped to 9500. But will it grow again ?

See below the statistics from coinbase.


What do you need to earn Bitcoins ?

When you start with bitcoins you need first of all something like coinbase to receive bitcoins. And the good part is you can also sell your bitcoins there as well.

After you have created your account on bitcoin, you can continue to earn money with a website. First you need a domain name and hosting. The domain name you create on base of what you want to do online. If you want to sell a product or service then you can start with a WordPress website like this !

After setting up the hosting (Pointing your domain name to the hosting) you will be able to create your website. There are always freelancers on Giggerr that can actual help you.

Why did I pay more then the official bitcoin price?

When I was getting my bitcoin (At least a part of a bitcoin) I actual paid more then the price it was showing for. And not only because I have to pay a fee over it. No, I actual paid and a fee, and the bitcoin price was higher then on that moment when I got it from coinbase See below pictures.

But I want now to find out why this is ? As you can see I actual paid my part from the bitcoin for 9164.84 euro. At that moment the bitcoin was actual worth around 8938.07 euro ??? So, why was this almost 250 euro higher ? Was that my 250 euro ? I have no idea ? Anyone ?

First of all there is a 2 euro fee. But I also paid more then the original 8938.07 euro that I should have paid for the bitcoin part. I paid at that moment 9164.84


And that is a little strange, because you can actual see in this graphics that it should be lower. (See at around 7.23 am)


Is this a error on coinbase ? Will ask about it. Soon more !

12.20 Bitcoin dashboard

A little over 4 hours ago I did buy for 250 euro worth of bitcoins.
The bitcoin is now worth 9246.15 euro.

When I got this the bitcoin value was then 8938.07 euro. So it is growing ! Can only be happy πŸ™‚ So it is almost 300 euro more then when I was buying it ! And still growing !


2 hours after buying my first bitcoin!

After buying my first (part of) a bitcoin for 250 euro I would like to see if I made already a profit (Do NOT think so) or a lost ?
So, lets see ! The price on for bitcoin is now 8,970.86 euro. When I was buying it it was 8938.07 euro. So I should have made some profit ?

So around 24 euro profit in 2 hours? Not bad ! No, that is not correct. Because that is based on 1 btc. And I only did buy 0.0263 btc πŸ™

So I have to multiply the profit with 0.0263) and I get then a profit from 63 euro cent.

If I calculate then the cost when I have to exchange it back again to dollars then it is NOT worth all the effort. So, unless the bitcoin will go really up. Spending 250 euro on it looks not that promising !

Did I miscalculate something ? Then let me know !

Welcome on

What is

I started today because I am just as curious as you are on how it will work out if you invest money in bitcoins !

So, today at 7.23 I invested 250 euro in bitcoin. The price of bitcoin was at that moment 8938.07 euro. The transaction costed me 8.25 on cost on to buy the bitcoin.

After I have done this I actual claimed this domain name to have a place to write about it.Β  So I will now make this a little bit better. But also will keep writing about it ! Hope you like it !